MOBB DEEP - The Infamous...Mobb Deep
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The Infamous...Mobb Deep
vinyl 2LP

Condition: G / G
Label: Loud
Catalogue No: 07863 66480-1
U.s issue of this dope Hip Hop album from 1995 featuring 'Survival Of The Fittest', 'Temperature's Rising' and 'Shock Ones Pt.II'.

Some considerable damage to the sleeve and some marks across the playing surface.
  • A1 The Start Of Your Ending (41st Side)
  • A2 [The Infamous Prelude]
  • A3 Survival Of The Fittest
  • A4 Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)
  • B1 [Just Step Prelude]
  • B2 Give Up The Goods (Just Step)
  • B3 Temperature's Rising
  • B4 Up North Trip
  • C1 Trife Life
  • C2 Q.U. - Hectic
  • C3 Right Back At You
  • D1 [The Grave Prelude]
  • D2 Cradle To The Grave
  • D3 Drink Away The Pain (Situations)
  • D4 Shook Ones Pt. II
  • D5 Party Over