MOTORHEAD - No Remorse
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No Remorse
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Bronze
Catalogue No: MOTOR 1 / PROLP5
Rare double set in leather bound sleeve, THE definitive Motorhead best of! Features "Ace of Spades", "Stay Clean", "Overkill", "Bomber", "Too Late Too Late", "Iron Fist" etc. With original inner sleeves with extensive notes. ESSENTIAL!
  • A1 Ace Of Spades
  • A2 Motörhead
  • A3 Jailbait
  • A4 Stay Clean
  • A5 Too Late, Too Late
  • A6 Killed By Death
  • B1 Bomber
  • B2 Iron Fist
  • B3 Shine
  • B4 Dancing On Your Grave
  • B5 Metropolis
  • B6 Snaggletooth
  • C1 Overkill
  • C2 Please Don't Touch
  • C3 Stone Dead Forever
  • C4 Like A Nightmare
  • C5 Emergency
  • C6 Steal Your Face
  • D1 Louie Louie
  • D2 No Class
  • D3 Iron Horse
  • D4 We Are The Road Crew
  • D5 Leaving Here
  • D6 Locomotive