NARCOSIS - Romance
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vinyl LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: SuperFi
Catalogue No: SF023
2005 album from Wigan's finest ever grindcore band! With lyric sheet.
  • A1 Thinly Veiled Act Of Random Violence
  • A2 If Being A Cunt Was People You’d Be China
  • A3 Hit It Again It’S Still Alive One Way Ticket To The Cape Of Get Fucked
  • A4 One Way Ticket To The Cape Of Get Fucked
  • A5 Cause They Say Christ When You Walk Into A Room Doesn’t Make You Jesus
  • A6 Screaming I Hate You While I Slit My Own Throat
  • A7 Nod A Wink ; A Pain Filled Smile
  • A8 On A Promise Of A Total Beating
  • A9 World Is Your Oyster ; I Am The Hammer
  • B1 Work Related Murder Spree
  • B2 It’s Not A Birthmark, It’s A Bruise
  • B3 Your Hate Filled Heart To My Shit Filled Life
  • B4 Ode To A Worthless Fucking Piece Of Shit
  • B5 King Of A Mountain Of Shit
  • B6 Broken Finger Stranglehold
  • B7 Romance Of A Fire Poker Frenzy
  • B8 An Accident Waiting To Happen
  • B9 Close Your Eyes