ON A FRIDAY - Medicinal Sounds
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Medicinal Sounds
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Condition: VG / EX
Label: O.A.Funtime Records
Catalogue No: -
Rare and possibly unique 15 track 1987 demo cassette, from the band that would become Radiohead. The cassette has two inlays, one printed and designed by the band, the other handwritten by Thom Yorke, both share lots of info regarding titles and details or where the recordings were done. The cassette itself (a standard TDK AD90) has the band name handwritten on each side, also the previous owner has recorded some Jackson Browne after the On A Friday tracks and written his name on the cassette. The previous owner was a friend of Thom's at the time and this cassette was personally given. After doing some research regarding the various On A Friday demos known, it looks like this particular demo is previously unknown and features some uncirculated tracks.

Condition is generally good, inlay has some age wear, cassette plays fine.
  • 1 Fragile Friend
  • 2 Mr Celebate
  • 3 Stone
  • 4 Sweet Justice
  • 5 Letter For Upstairs
  • 6 Fat Girl
  • 7 To Be A Brilliant Light
  • 8 A Cigarette
  • 9 For God's Sake
  • 10 Down The Roof
  • 11 Everybody Knows
  • 12 When You get To Rio
  • 13 What You Don't Know
  • 14 Talk About It
  • 15 Cardigan