PLACEBO - Battle For The Sun
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Battle For The Sun
vinyl 2LP & 2xCD

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Dreambrother
Catalogue No: BATTLE01BS
Beautifully packaged box set for the alt-rock act's 2009 album. Features two hardback books in a heavy card slipcase housing 2LPs, CD, CD-R and 2xDVDs.

Outer sleever is a few small dents, the rest of the contents are excellent.
  • A1 Kitty Litter
  • A2 Ashtray Heart
  • A3 Battle For The Sun
  • A4 For What It´s Worth
  • B1 Devil In The Details
  • B2 Bright Lights
  • B3 Speak In Tongues
  • B4 The Never-Ending Why
  • C1 Julien
  • C2 Happy You´re Gone
  • C3 Breathe Underwater
  • C4 Come Undone
  • CD-1 Kitty Litter
  • CD-10 Happy You´re Gone
  • CD-11 Breathe Underwater
  • CD-12 Come Undone
  • CD-13 Kings Of Medicine
  • CD-14 Unisex
  • CD-15 The Movie On Your Eyelids
  • CD-2 Ashtray Heart
  • CD-3 Battle For The Sun
  • CD-4 For What It´s Worth
  • CD-5 Devil In The Details
  • CD-6 Bright Lights
  • CD-7 Speak In Tongues
  • CD-8 The Never-Ending Why
  • CD-9 Julien
  • D1 Kings Of Medicine
  • D2 Unisex
  • D3 The Movie On Your Eyelids
  • DVD1-1 Meds
  • DVD1-10 Detour Documentary
  • DVD1-2 Because I Want You
  • DVD1-3 Follow The Cops Back Home
  • DVD1-4 Black-Eyed
  • DVD1-5 Post Blue
  • DVD1-6 Blind
  • DVD1-7 Drag
  • DVD1-8 Teenage Angst
  • DVD1-9 Twenty Years
  • DVD2 Documentary: In The Studio: The Making Of Battle For The Sun