POWERDANCE - Safe And Happy Place
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Safe And Happy Place
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Powerdance
Catalogue No: PD12004
(17/14) "Safe and Happy Place is one of the signature songs taken from the forthcoming album “The Lost Art of Getting Down”. It features the vocal talents of Nick Maurer and Fi McClusky and follows the theme of taking dance music back to it’s roots, dance music to escape to. It has elements of baggy, acid house and that fertile crossover period occupied bands as dissperate as the B52s, Primal Scream, HiFi Sean and Almunia. A brand new extended version graces the flip that carries with it a warehouse flavour and fun loving nature. Vibrant snare rattles, tasty 303 lines which glides along nicely when accompanied by the heady vocal ident. Party music, through and through.
  • A A Safe And Happy Place (Extended Disco 12 Inch Version)
  • B A Safe And Happy Beat