RADIOHEAD - Pablo Honey
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Pablo Honey

Condition: SS / SS
Label: Toshiba EMI Limited
Catalogue No: TOCP-70723
2009, Japanese, limited edition 3-disc set, 2-CD album which is expanded to include a bonus disc of live recordings plus BBC session tracks, plus bonus region 2 NTSC DVD featuring 14 video clips, sealed & stickered card box with OBI strip.

The sleeve has creasing and the vinyl has a lot of visible wear. The lyrics inner is very worn.
  • CD1-1 You
  • CD1-10 I Can't
  • CD1-11 Lurgee
  • CD1-12 Blow Out
  • CD1-2 Creep
  • CD1-3 How Do You?
  • CD1-4 Stop Whispering
  • CD1-5 Thinking About You
  • CD1-6 Anyone Can Play Guitar
  • CD1-7 Ripcord
  • CD1-8 Vegetable
  • CD1-9 Prove Yourself
  • CD2-1 Prove Yourself (Demo)
  • CD2-10 Creep (Acoustic)
  • CD2-11 Vegetable (Live)
  • CD2-12 Killer Cars (Live)
  • CD2-13 Faithless, The Wonderboy
  • CD2-14 Coke Babies
  • CD2-15 Pop Is Dead
  • CD2-16 Banana Co. (Acoustic)
  • CD2-17 Ripcord (Live)
  • CD2-18 Stop Whispering (U.S. Version)
  • CD2-19 Prove Yourself
  • CD2-2 Stupid Car (Demo)
  • CD2-20 Creep
  • CD2-21 I Can't
  • CD2-22 Nothing Touches Me
  • CD2-3 You (Demo)
  • CD2-4 Thinking About You (Demo)
  • CD2-5 Inside My Head
  • CD2-6 Million Dollar Question
  • CD2-7 Yes I Am
  • CD2-8 Blow Out (Remix)
  • CD2-9 Inside My Head (Live)
  • DVD-1 Creep
  • DVD-10 Vegetable
  • DVD-11 Stop Whispering
  • DVD-12 Anyone Can Play Guitar
  • DVD-13 Pop Is Dead
  • DVD-14 Blow Out
  • DVD-2 Anyone Can Play Guitar
  • DVD-3 Pop Is Dead
  • DVD-4 Stop Whispering
  • DVD-5 Creep
  • DVD-6 You
  • DVD-7 Ripcord
  • DVD-8 Creep
  • DVD-9 Prove Yourself