REMARC - Sound Murderer
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Sound Murderer
vinyl 3LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Planet Mu
Catalogue No: ZIQ084
Beethoven's 5th Symphony is to classical music. If you are a fan of D&B, old or new, then you simply NEED this album. How Remarc does it I just don't know but that's the mark of a true master - there's no way of even touching their style. Whoever didn't give this full marks needs their head read as this should not receive anything less!
  • A1 Intro
  • A2 Not 4 U
  • A3 Ice Cream + Syrup (Hard Mix)
  • B1 Unity (Re-Mix)
  • B2 Drum N' Bass Wise (Remix)
  • C1 Sound Murderer (Loafin' In Brockley Mix)
  • C2 Legalise (Remarc Vip Mix)
  • D0 Intro
  • D1 R.I.P. (Remarc Remix)
  • D2 Meridian (Remarc Remix)
  • E1 For Real Remix
  • E2 Thunderclap
  • F1 Menace
  • F2 2:01