RUN-DMC - Greatest Hits
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Greatest Hits
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Simply Vinyl
Catalogue No: S160027
Comprehensive collection of hit songs from 2003 including 'Peter Piper', 'Beats To The Rhyme', 'You Be Illin', 'Down With The King' & others.
  • A1 It's Like That
  • A2 Walk This Way
  • A3 Sucker MC's
  • A4 My Adidas
  • A5 King Of Rock
  • B1 It's Tricky
  • B2 Can You Rock It Like This
  • B3 You Be Illin'
  • B4 Rock Box
  • B5 Run's House
  • C1 Peter Piper
  • C2 Bounce
  • C3 Beats To The Rhyme
  • C4 Jam Master Jay
  • C5 Hard Times
  • D1 Down With The King
  • D2 Mary Mary
  • D3 What's It All About
  • D4 It's Tricky 2003