RX-101 - EP1
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12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Suction Records
Catalogue No: SUCTION032
(1649) Suction Records is excited to unleash the first in a series of extensive archival releases by a new artist, bedroom producer RX-101. This previously unreleased material dates from 1997 -1999, recorded live to cassette in a feverish burst of creativity, utilizing a small arsenal of classic techno tools including the Roland TR-808, TB-303, Juno-106, and his beloved SH-1 01. What's astonishing about RX-101 is the sheer volume of diverse and stunning material recorded in just 2 years. Fans of Aphex Twin’s Analogue Bubblebath and Caustic Window series will rejoice in the authentic early-90s Rephlex-ian burst of "EP 1.” From the eerie, isolationist-rave stomp of opener “Tunnel,” to the emotive, primitive electronica of “Bloom(pt.1),” through to the majestic, ambient melodicism of closer “If I Could Ever Get...,” the 6 tracks found on “EP 1” serve as an exciting introduction to RX-101’ s treasure-trove of vintage Rephlex-style electronics.
  • A1 Tunnel
  • A2 sys.rx.9.a06
  • A3 Dead End
  • B1 Bloom (pt. 1)
  • B2 The Calmness Of Distortion
  • B3 If I Could Ever Get...