SANGUINE HUM - Live In America
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Live In America

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Troopers For Sound
Catalogue No: TFSDVD 001
Strictly limited numbered edition (1000 copies only) CD/DVD package. Recorded at Rosfest 2012 at the Majestic Theater, Gettysburg, PA.
  • CD-1 The Trial
  • CD-10 Son Of Bassoon
  • CD-11 Diving Bell
  • CD-12 Coast Of Nebraska
  • CD-2 Cat Factory
  • CD-3 The Ladder
  • CD-4 Before We Bow Down
  • CD-5 Earth Song With One Sugar
  • CD-6 Son Of Cheese
  • CD-7 Nothing Between Us
  • CD-8 Derision
  • CD-9 Double Egg
  • DVD-1 Opening Credits
  • DVD-10 Double Egg
  • DVD-11 Son Of Bassoon
  • DVD-12 Diving Bell
  • DVD-13 Coast Of Nebraska
  • DVD-14 Closing Credits
  • DVD-2 The Trial
  • DVD-3 Cat Factory
  • DVD-4 The Ladder
  • DVD-5 Before We Bow Down
  • DVD-6 Earth Song With One Sugar
  • DVD-7 Son Of Cheese
  • DVD-8 Nothing Between Us
  • DVD-9 Derision