SAXON - The CD Hoard
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The CD Hoard
5xCD box set

Condition: M / M
Label: Edsel Records
Catalogue No: SAXONBOX04
2018 CD box set, compiling four memorable tours from between 1995 and 2006, in digibook packaging.

Still sealed.
  • CD1-1 Intro / Warlord
  • CD1-10 Refugee
  • CD1-2 Dogs Of War
  • CD1-3 Forever Free
  • CD1-4 Requiem
  • CD1-5 Crusader
  • CD1-6 Lights In The Sky
  • CD1-7 Iron Wheels
  • CD1-8 Ain't Gonna Take It / Nibb's Bavarian Bass
  • CD1-9 Crash Dive
  • CD2-1 Solid Ball Of Rock
  • CD2-2 The Great White Buffalo
  • CD2-3 The Eagle Has Landed - Paul Quinn Guitar Feature
  • CD2-4 Princess Of The Night
  • CD2-5 Can't Stop Rockin'
  • CD2-6 Denim And Leather / Doug Scaratt Guitar Feature
  • CD2-7 Wheels Of Steel / Demolition Alley
  • CD3-1 The Return
  • CD3-10 Jack Tars
  • CD3-11 English Man O' War
  • CD3-12 Court Of The Crimson King
  • CD3-13 Broken Heroes
  • CD3-14 Dragon's Lair
  • CD3-15 Rock Is Our Life
  • CD3-16 Are We Travellers In Time
  • CD3-17 Solid Ball Of Rock
  • CD3-2 Lionheart
  • CD3-3 Man And Machine
  • CD3-4 Beyond The Grave
  • CD3-5 Searching For Atlantis
  • CD3-6 To Live By The Sword Pt.1
  • CD3-7 Unleash The Beast
  • CD3-8 To Live By The Sword Pt.2
  • CD3-9 Flying On The Edge
  • CD4-1 This Town Rocks
  • CD4-10 See The Light Shining
  • CD4-11 To Hell And Back Again
  • CD4-12 Stallions Of The Highway
  • CD4-13 Wheels Of Steel
  • CD4-14 And The Bands Played On
  • CD4-15 Crusader
  • CD4-2 Backs To The Wall
  • CD4-3 Redline
  • CD4-4 Stand Up And Be Counted
  • CD4-5 Never Surrender
  • CD4-6 Frozen Rainbow
  • CD4-7 Suzie Hold On
  • CD4-8 Play It Loud
  • CD4-9 Warrior
  • CD5-1 Heavy Metal Thunder
  • CD5-10 Princess Of The Night
  • CD5-11 Wheels Of Steel [Inc Doug Scaratt Solo]
  • CD5-12 Crusader
  • CD5-2 Dogs Of War
  • CD5-3 Strong Arm Of The Law
  • CD5-4 Witchfinder General
  • CD5-5 Backs To The Wall
  • CD5-6 Solid Ball Of Rock
  • CD5-7 Motorcycle Man
  • CD5-8 Dragon's Lair
  • CD5-9 To Hell And Back Again