SCOTT WALKER - The Childhood Of A Leader
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The Childhood Of A Leader
vinyl LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: 4AD
Catalogue No: CADD3620
Brand new copy of the limited clear vinyl edition of this 2016 release, includes download.

It’s seen a bit of life, but is still usable. Light pops and clicks, you can still listen to it and enjoy looking at it, but it is visually and audibly USED.
  • A1 Orchestral Tuning Up
  • A2 Opening
  • A3 Dream Sequence
  • A4 Village Walk
  • A5 Run
  • A6 Down The Stairs
  • A7 Up The Stairs
  • A8 The Letter
  • A9 Versailles
  • B1 Cutting Flowers
  • B2 Boy, Mirror, Cars Arriving
  • B3 Third Tantrum
  • B4 Printing Press
  • B5 On The Way To The Meeting
  • B6 The Meeting
  • B7 Post Meeting
  • B8 Finale
  • B9 New Dawn (Synth Layout For Cut Scene)