SILVERLINING & FRIENDS - Collaborations 1996 - 2001
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vinyl 3LP box set

Condition: NM / M
Label: Ninih
Catalogue No: NINIH005
Quintessential compilation of early collaborations by Silverlining (aka Asad Rizvi) with other artists between the golden years of 1996 and 2001. The album reinvigorates several timeless tracks, some known, others rare or unreleased across a beautifully packaged 3LP with extensive sleeve notes and exceptional analogue mastering. The album includes sought-after and rare works by Two Right Wrongans, Impossible Beings, Appleheadz, Southern Comforters, and Bluegoose vs. Silverlining. The compilation includes one previously unreleased Impossible Beings track rescued from DAT archives. Moving from blissed-out listening into up-tempo underground grooves and then back, the anthology serves both headphone and heads-down-on-the-dancefloor listeners alike.