SONAR BASE - Sonar Bases 4-10
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Sonar Bases 4-10
vinyl 3LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Deeptrax
Catalogue No: DPTX-009
Twenty years after the Sonar Base 4-10 release on the legendary Dutch record label U-Trax, it is now time for an official high quality remastered vinyl re-issue on Deeptrax Records. The rare original is very hard to find and is considered one of THE highlights of Dutch electro and techno.
  • A Welcome To Sonar Base #4
  • B1 Earth Probe
  • B2 Sonar Base #6
  • C Sonar Base #5
  • D Arrival At Dwell Probe
  • E Intergalactic Anecdote
  • F1 Sonar Base #10
  • F2 Blunted