STEREOLAB - Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Expanded Version)
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Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Expanded Version)
vinyl 3LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks
Catalogue No: D-UHF-D11R
Brand new gatefold sleeve issue from 2019 of the expanded edition of 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup. Remastered album plus a bonus disc of demos and alternate versions, fold out poster and DL card.
  • A1 Metronomic Underground
  • A2 Cybele's Reverie
  • A3 Percolator
  • B1 Les Yper-Sound
  • B2 Spark Plug
  • B3 OLV 26
  • B4 The Noise Of Carpet
  • C1 Tomorrow Is Already Here
  • C2 Emperor Tomato Ketchup
  • C3 Monstre Sacre
  • D1 Motoroller Scalatron
  • D2 Slow Fast Hazel
  • D3 Anonymous Collective
  • E1 Freestyle Dumpling
  • E2 The Noise Of Carpet (Original Mix)
  • E3 Old Lungs
  • E4 Percolator (Original Mix)
  • F1 Cybele's Reverie (Demo)
  • F10 Motoroller Scalatron (Demo)
  • F11 Anonymous Collective (Demo)
  • F2 Spark Plug (Demo)
  • F3 Spinal Column (Demo)
  • F4 Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Demo)
  • F5 Les Yper-Sound (Demo)
  • F6 Metronomic Underground (Demo)
  • F7 Percolator (Demo)
  • F8 Tomorrow Is Already Here (Demo)
  • F9 Brigitte (Demo)