SYMMETRY - Themes For An Imaginary Film
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Themes For An Imaginary Film
vinyl 3LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Italians Do It Better
Catalogue No: IDIB37
Brand new copy of the 2018 repressing, pressed on ultra clear and blood red vinyl split (half and half on each disc).
  • A1 Introduction
  • A2 City Of Dreams
  • A3 Over The Edge
  • A4 The Night Shift
  • A5 Paper Chase
  • A6 Outside Looking In
  • B1 Midnight Sun
  • B2 Behind The Wheel
  • B3 Thicker Than Blood
  • B4 A Sort Of Homecoming
  • B5 Winner Take All
  • C1 Death Mask
  • C2 Jackie's Eyes
  • C3 The Fading Faces
  • C4 Mind Games
  • C5 The Maze
  • C6 Threshold
  • D1 Flashback
  • D2 Blood Sport
  • D3 Survival Instinct
  • D4 Hall Of Mirrors
  • D5 Eulogy
  • D6 The Messenger
  • E1 Love Theme
  • E2 Through The Gauntlet
  • E3 Ghost Town
  • E4 Cruise Control
  • E5 Wave Goodbye
  • E6 Magic Gardens
  • E7 An Eye For An Eye
  • F1 The Point Of No Return
  • F2 Cremation
  • F3 The Nightshift (Reprise)
  • F4 Memories Are Forever
  • F5 Echoes Of The Mind
  • F6 Streets Of Fire