SZARE - Lost Shapes; Carved In Those Dancing Gravestones
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Lost Shapes; Carved In Those Dancing Gravestones
vinyl 2LP & CD

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Frozen Border
Catalogue No: FBLP 02
Double LP from 2014, includes free cd too
  • A1 Weird Sister
  • A2 Swarm
  • B Meet You
  • C1 Belt Of Rule
  • C2 Leaden Sky
  • D Knives Of Sinai
  • 1 Small Pieces Of It Were Scattered Across The Mountainside
  • 2 They Carried It Back From Recife To Frankfurt By Zeppelin
  • 3 The Miners Told Nobody Of Their Discovery
  • 4 Leather Bags Full Of Dollars Were Transported Overnight
  • 5 The King Itself Was Said To Have Taken An Interest
  • 6 Radio Silence In Buenos Aires Did Not Allay Fears Of A Cover Up
  • 7 What Did Kerin Mannesmann Know
  • 8 Hastily Arranged Meetings Contrived An Absurd Plan
  • 9 But Anarchist Spies Had Their Ears In The Room
  • 10 It Was Sent To A Vault In Zurich And Has Not Been Seen Since 1945
  • 11 Some Say It Was Airlifted To Alexandria And Buried In The Catacombs
  • 12 Others Claim It Was An Hoax, Or Doubt It Ever Existed
  • 13 Meanwhile, On The Mountainside A Copper Flame Burns