THE B.B.C. RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP - Hi-Tech FX - Sound Effects No.29
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Sound Effects No.29
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: BBC Records
Catalogue No: REC 531
Selection of sounds performed by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. That reflect the Fiction-becoming-Fact convention of modern times. Composed by Dick Mills, Malcolm Clarke & Simon Hancock.
  • A1 Computer Bleeps
  • A2 Disk Drives
  • A3 Drive Activity
  • A4 Printers
  • A5 Video Games
  • A6 Stings
  • A7 Heavier Stings
  • A8 Whooshes And Zings
  • A9 Computer Background FX
  • B1 Singularly Simon
  • B10 Pulsar Patterns
  • B11 Through The Black Hole
  • B12 Force Of The Universe
  • B13 "43"
  • B2 Computer Rant
  • B3 Computer Waltz
  • B4 Invaders Rock
  • B5 Arcadea
  • B6 JDC Background
  • B7 Fanfares
  • B8 Purple Space And White Coronas
  • B9 Ascending Asteroids