THE B.B.C. RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP - Out Of This World - Atmospheric Sounds And Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
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Atmospheric Sounds And Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: BBC Records
Catalogue No: REC 225 STEREO
U.K issue of this incredible collection of Sound Effects from Outer Space. Features compositions from Dick Mills, Peter Howell, Brian Hodgson, Paddy Kingsland, Richard, Yeoman-Clark, Roger Limb, John Baker, Malcolm Clarke, Delia Derbyshire & Glynis Jones and features themes from 'Outer Space', 'Magic And Fantasy', 'Suspense & The Supernatural' and 'The Elements'.
  • A1 Sea Of Mercury
  • A10 Space Ship Control Room Atmosphere
  • A11 Space Ship Interior Atmosphere
  • A12 Electric Door Open
  • A13 Electric Door Shut
  • A14 Laser Gun, Five Bursts
  • A15 "Computer"
  • A16 Gravity Generator
  • A17 Time Warp Start, Run, Stop
  • A18 Venusian Space Lab.
  • A19 Andromeda War Machine
  • A2 Galactic Travel
  • A20 Space-battle
  • A21 Dance Of Fire-Flies
  • A22 Dreaming
  • A23 Crystal City
  • A24 Enchanted Forest
  • A25 Goblins Lair
  • A26 Magic Carpet Take-Off
  • A27 Magic Carpet Flight
  • A28 Magic Carpet Land
  • A29 Magic Flower Grows And Buds
  • A3 Tardis Take-Off
  • A30 Magic Beanstalk Grows
  • A31 Star Fairies
  • A32 Midsummer Elves
  • A33 Fairy Appears
  • A34 Fairy Disappears
  • A35 Wizard Flies Off
  • A36 Casting A Spell
  • A37 Magic Mushroom
  • A38 Magic Bird Song
  • A4 Tardis Land
  • A5 Space Rocket Take-Off
  • A6 Space Rocket Land
  • A7 Flying Saucer Land
  • A8 Flying Saucer Take-Off
  • A9 Flying Saucer Interior Constant Run
  • B1 Phantoms Of Darkness
  • B10 Three Terror Bangs
  • B11 Terror Zing
  • B12 Terror Glissando
  • B13 "Thing" Approaches
  • B14 Roaring Monster
  • B15 Firespitting Monster
  • B16 Nightmare Forest
  • B17 Fiendish Shrieks
  • B18 Heat Haze
  • B19 Desert Sands
  • B2 Uncanny Expectation
  • B20 Frozen Waste
  • B21 Icy Peak
  • B22 Snow Swirls
  • B23 Passing Clouds
  • B24 Starry Skies
  • B25 Electric Storm
  • B26 Watery Depths
  • B27 Rising Bubbles
  • B28 Spring Tide
  • B3 Spectres In The Wind
  • B4 Evil Rises Up
  • B5 Threatening Shadow
  • B6 Moments Of Terror
  • B7 Passing Shade
  • B8 Psychic Fears
  • B9 Two Terror Twangs