THE BEATLES - Let It Be... Naked
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Let It Be... Naked
vinyl LP & 7"

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Apple / Parlophone
Catalogue No: 5954380
Really nice copy of the 2003 reworking of Let It Be. Includes the original mix of the LP before Phil Spector got his hands on it.. In beautiful gatefold sleeve with great LP sized booklet of photos and interviews, and with a 7" which contains interviews and information about the recording of the album.
  • A1 Get Back
  • A2 Dig A Pony
  • A3 For You Blue
  • A4 The Long And Winding Road
  • A5 Two Of Us
  • A6 I've Got A Feeling
  • B1 One After 909
  • B2 Don't Let Me Down
  • B3 I Me Mine
  • B4 Across The Universe
  • B5 Let It Be
  • C1 Conversation
  • C10 Taking A Trip To Carolina
  • C11 John's Piano Piece
  • C12 Conversation
  • C13 Child Of Nature
  • C14 Back In The USSR
  • C15 Conversation
  • C16 Every Little Thing
  • C17 Don't Let Me Down
  • C18 Conversation
  • C19 All Things Must Pass
  • C2 Sun King
  • C3 Don't Let Me Down
  • C4 Conversation
  • C5 One After 909
  • C6 Conversation
  • C7 Because I Know You Love Me So
  • C8 Conversation
  • C9 Don't Pass Me By
  • D1 Conversation
  • D10 Fancy My Chances With You
  • D11 Conversation
  • D12 Can You Dig It?
  • D13 Conversation
  • D14 Get Back
  • D15 Conversation
  • D2 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  • D3 Conversation
  • D4 Paul's Piano Piece
  • D5 Conversation
  • D6 Get Back
  • D7 Conversation
  • D8 Two Of Us
  • D9 Maggie Mae