THE BIG OAKS - Monster Turd
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Monster Turd
vinyl LP

Condition: M / M
Label: Distraction Records
Catalogue No: DIST20
Brand new copies of this Ltd. vinyl only release from Newcastle based comedy, post-punk, indie band, on translucent 'turd' coloured vinyl, in g/fold sleeve with picture inner.

Some minor wear to the sleeve and vinyl.
  • A1 Cooee
  • A10 Eric Cantona Is A Genius
  • A11 By The Road
  • A12 Reno
  • A13 It's Clobbering Time
  • A14 Fiends Outside Your House
  • A15 Interlude
  • A2 John The Rat
  • A3 Pimp On Patrol
  • A4 Nicholas Lyndhurst
  • A5 Tight T-Shirt
  • A6 Big Boned
  • A7 Pancakes Vs Omelettes
  • A8 Something Goes Something
  • A9 Professor Wheeto
  • B1 What's The Shit? Blues
  • B10 Monsters, Zombies, Spectres
  • B11 Point Blank Refusal To Talk
  • B12 Watersports
  • B13 Al-Qa'eda Nonce
  • B2 Babylon 5
  • B3 Biscuit Fever
  • B4 Cock Like Lipstick
  • B5 Crotchless Pasties
  • B6 Electrical Clippers
  • B7 I Hate You, My Friend Doesn't Like You Either
  • B8 Me And Jim Dishing Out Justice
  • B9 Meat Cleaver Attack Probe