THE KINKS - Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire
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Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire
4xcd / 4x7" Box Set

Condition: EX / EX
Label: BMG
Catalogue No: BMGCAT407BOX
Limited edition 50th Anniversary deluxe box set. Includes 'Original Stereo Album, 2019 Remaster', 'Bonus Tracks', 'Original Mono Album, 2019 Remaster', 'Bonus Tracks', 'The Great Lost Dave Davies Album' (Stereo), 'Demos / Rehearsals / BBC Mixes / Theatrical / Doo Wop / Remixes' Part 1,2 & 3. Spread across 4 CD's. Also 4 reproduced 7" singles, 1970 U.S. concert handbill, 1969 U.S. Tour Poster, Black & White photos x2, colour band photo and original cover outtake art card and a Kinks badge.
  • A Drivin' (Mono)
  • B Mindless Child Of Motherhood (Mono)
  • C Shangri-La (Mono)
  • CD1-1 Victoria
  • CD1-10 Young & Innocent Days
  • CD1-11 Nothing To Say
  • CD1-12 Arthur
  • CD1-13 Plastic Man (Stereo)
  • CD1-14 Victoria (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD1-15 Yes Sir, No Sir (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD1-16 Drivin' (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD1-17 Brainwashed (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD1-18 Australia (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD1-19 Shangri-La (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD1-2 Yes Sir, No Sir
  • CD1-3 Some Mother's Son
  • CD1-4 Drivin'
  • CD1-5 Brainwashed
  • CD1-6 Australia
  • CD1-7 Shangri-La
  • CD1-8 Mr. Churchill Says
  • CD1-9 She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina
  • CD2-1 Victoria
  • CD2-10 Young & Innocent Days
  • CD2-11 Nothing To Say
  • CD2-12 Arthur
  • CD2-13 Plastic Man (Mono)
  • CD2-14 King Kong (Mono)
  • CD2-15 Victoria (Alternate Mono Mix)
  • CD2-16 Australia (Alternate Mono Acetate Mix)
  • CD2-17 Shangri-La (Alternate Mono Mix)
  • CD2-18 She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina (Alternate Mono Mix)
  • CD2-19 Australia (Australian Mono Single Mix/Edit)
  • CD2-2 Yes Sir, No Sir
  • CD2-3 Some Mother's Son
  • CD2-4 Drivin'
  • CD2-5 Brainwashed
  • CD2-6 Australia
  • CD2-7 Shangri-La
  • CD2-8 Mr. Churchill Says
  • CD2-9 She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina
  • CD3-1 This Man He Weeps Tonight
  • CD3-10 Mr. Reporter
  • CD3-11 Groovy Movies
  • CD3-12 There Is No Life Without Love
  • CD3-13 Lincoln County (Mono Single Mix/Edit)
  • CD3-14 There Is No Life Without You (Mono)
  • CD3-15 Hold My Hand (Mono)
  • CD3-16 Creeping Jean (Mono Single Mix/Edit)
  • CD3-17 Mindless Child Of Motherhood (Mono)
  • CD3-18 This Man He Weeps Tonight (Mono)
  • CD3-19 Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD3-2 Mindless Child Of Motherhood
  • CD3-20 Mr. Reporter (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD3-21 Groovy Movies (Alternate Stereo Mix)
  • CD3-22 Lincoln County (Acoustic Mix)
  • CD3-23 Hold My Hand (Alternate Take)
  • CD3-3 Hold My Hand
  • CD3-4 Do You Wish To Be A Man?
  • CD3-5 Are You Ready?
  • CD3-6 Creeping Jean
  • CD3-7 I'm Crying
  • CD3-8 Lincoln County
  • CD3-9 Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter
  • CD4-1 Arthur's Journey (Introduction) (Stereo)
  • CD4-10 The Virgin Soldiers March (Mono)
  • CD4-11 Soldiers Coming Home (Instrumental) (Mono)
  • CD4-12 King Kong (BBC Mix) (Mono)
  • CD4-13 Victoria (Stereo)
  • CD4-14 Arthur (BBC Mix) (Mono)
  • CD4-2 Australia (2019 Mix) (Stereo)
  • CD4-3 Home Demos Medley, 1969: Arthur / Victoria / Some Mother's Son / Drivin' / Brainwashed / Mr. Churchi
  • CD4-4 Shangri-La (2019 Mix) (Stereo)
  • CD4-5 My Big Sister (Theatrical Version) (Stereo)
  • CD4-6 Stevenage (Theatrical Version) (Stereo)
  • CD4-7 Space (Full Theatrical Version) (Stereo)
  • CD4-8 The Future (Doo-Wop Version) (Stereo)
  • CD4-9 Arthur (Doo-Wop Version) (Stereo)
  • D This Man He Weeps Tonight (Mono)
  • E Victoria (Stereo)
  • F Mr. Churchill Says (Stereo)
  • G Hold My Hand (Mono)
  • H Creeping Jean (Mono)