THE ORB - History Of The Future Part 2
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History Of The Future Part 2
CD-R promo

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Malicious Damage
Catalogue No: -
3xCDR promo set for 2015 release, in slightly oversized paper envelope and including press sheet.

Light wear to the envelope.
  • CD1-1 Suck My Kiss
  • CD1-10 Vuja De
  • CD1-11 Sail
  • CD1-12 Codes
  • CD1-13 Apple Tree (Abacus Remix)
  • CD1-14 The Orbots Surround The Trojan Horse
  • CD1-2 I Am The Red Worm
  • CD1-3 The Truth Is...
  • CD1-4 Aftermath
  • CD1-5 Prime Evil
  • CD1-6 Eurofen
  • CD1-7 Let The Music Set You Free
  • CD1-8 From A Distance (Blast Master Vs The Corpral)
  • CD1-9 D.D.D. (Dirty Disco Dub) Unite 1 (Mad Orb)
  • CD2-1 Gee Strings
  • CD2-10 OOPA
  • CD2-11 Shem
  • CD2-12 Shem Version
  • CD2-2 Cool Harbour
  • CD2-3 Ripples
  • CD2-4 Super Soakers
  • CD2-5 Pebbles
  • CD2-6 Captain Korma
  • CD2-7 Baghdad Batteries
  • CD2-8 Dolly Unit (Flowing Remix)
  • CD2-9 Battersea Bunches Original Soundtrack
  • CD3-1 Chuck's Peaks
  • CD3-10 Golden Clouds (Oicho Remix)
  • CD3-11 Soulman (Villod Remix Tf Edit)
  • CD3-12 Ball Of Fire (Dabrye Remix)
  • CD3-13 Fussball (Deadbeat's Champions League Dub)
  • CD3-2 Dilmun
  • CD3-3 Tower Twenty Three (Spud Vs. Kreature Mix)
  • CD3-4 D.A.D.O.E.S.
  • CD3-5 Angel 4 Matrix
  • CD3-6 Falkenbrueck
  • CD3-7 Edelgrun
  • CD3-8 Glen Coe
  • CD3-9 Traumvogel