THE SPOILS OF WAR  - The Spoils Of War
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The Spoils Of War
vinyl 2LP & 7"

Condition: EX / M
Label: Wah Wah Records Supersonic Sounds
Catalogue No: LPS138
Unplayed copy of the 2015 release from this lesser know yet innovative '60s psych band who also dabbled with experimental electronic sounds. This double LP and 7" set contains all their recorded material. In nice 'pop-up' gatefold sleeve with insert.
  • A1 Walk In, Walk Out
  • A2 First Love, Last Love
  • A3 E-Thing
  • B1 You're The Girl
  • B2 Now Is Made In America
  • B3 Rit Yellow Of The Sun
  • B4 The Crimson Uniform / Jena's Score
  • B5 The Record Rejects / After The Party / Lonesome Is A Truer Word / The End
  • C1 Big Sugar Plantations
  • C2 Dear Belgium Boy
  • C3 Poughkeepsie Blues
  • C4 Bomb Song
  • C5 Everybody Here
  • C6 Missed Opportunity
  • C7 Astor
  • C8 Completely
  • D1 Ring, Magic Telephone, Ring
  • D2 Susan Never Smiles / Remembering
  • D3 Morning Be Merciful
  • D4 Victoria Falls
  • D5 For Helene
  • D6 Frosted Windows
  • D7 Violets
  • SA1 What Happens Now
  • SA2 Now Is Made In America
  • SA3 Henry T. Jones
  • SB1 Void Of Mystery
  • SB2 The Greyness Moves In Quietly