THE THREE O'CLOCK - Aquarius Andromeda
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Aquarius Andromeda
vinyl LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Burger Records
Catalogue No: BRGR470
Nice 2013 compilation of demos and alternate versions from the '80s psych outfit.
  • A-1 All In Good Time
  • A-2 In Love In Too
  • A-3 Lucifer Sam
  • A-4 Rodney On The Roq Commercial
  • A-5 When Lightning Starts (Alt. Version)
  • A-6 Sound Surrounds (Demo)
  • A-7 Around The World
  • A-8 On My Own (With Strings)
  • B-1 A Day In Erotica (Alt. Version)
  • B-2 In My Own Time (Alt. Version)
  • B-3 Why Cream Curdles In Orange Tea
  • B-4 I Go Wild (Really Early Version)
  • B-5 Her Head's Revolving (Demo)
  • B-6 The Girl With A Guitar (Demo)
  • B-7 Regina Caeli
  • B-8 Feel A Whole Lot Better