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All Wrapped Up
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Ardeck
Catalogue No: ARD 1654283
Great double record compilation feat 'True Confessions', 'Teenage Kicks', 'Jimmy Jimmy', 'Emergency Cases' etc.
  • A1 Teenage Kicks
  • A2 Get Over You
  • A3 Jimmy Jimmy
  • A4 Here Comes The Summer
  • A5 You Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It)
  • A6 My Perfect Cousin
  • A7 Wednesday Week
  • B1 It's Going To Happen!
  • B2 Julie Ocean
  • B3 Beautiful Friend
  • B4 The Love Parade
  • B5 Got To Have You Back
  • B6 Chain Of Love
  • C1 True Confessions
  • C10 I Don't Wanna See You Again
  • C2 Smarter Than You
  • C3 Emergency Cases
  • C4 Really Really
  • C5 She Can Only Say No
  • C6 Mars Bars
  • C7 One Way Love
  • C8 Top Twenty
  • C9 Let's Talk About Girls
  • D1 Told You So
  • D2 Fairly In The Money Now
  • D3 Kiss In The Dark
  • D4 Life's Too Easy
  • D5 Like That
  • D6 Turning Blue
  • D7 Window Shopping For New Clothes