THE VALERIE PROJECT - The Valerie Project
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The Valerie Project
vinyl 2LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Twisted Nerve
Catalogue No: TN080LP
Twisted Nerve issue of the Philadelphia ensemble's alternate soundtrack to accompany 35-mm projections of the cult 1970 Czech film 'Valerie and Her Week of Wonders'. In gatefold sleeve with insert.

Discs have lots surface marks / scratches hence price
  • A1 Prelude
  • A2 Introduction
  • A3 Torchlight
  • A4 Grandmother
  • A5 A Letter
  • A6 Tree Of Life
  • A7 The Sermon
  • A8 Eagle's Theme
  • B1 Dungeon
  • B2 Fire Fountain
  • B3 The Feast
  • B4 Dove, Pearl, Priest
  • B5 Vampires
  • B6 Eagle's Theme (Reprise)
  • B7 The Crypt
  • C1 Elisa
  • C2 Machine Room
  • C3 Bookshelf Serenade
  • C4 Flower Girl
  • C5 Blood Sacrifice
  • C6 The Crypt (Reprise)
  • C7 A Second Letter
  • C8 Hedvica
  • D1 Burned At The Stake
  • D2 Den Of Iniquity
  • D3 An End To Enchantment
  • D4 A Final Letter
  • D5 Death And Rebirth
  • D6 Reunion
  • D7 Crib