THU20 - Elfde Uni

Elfde Uni
CD album

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Flenix
Catalogue No: FLCD02
1999 album, Japanese import, remastered and re-issued, 5 tracks, stickered box. This recording was originally a cassette release by Midas Music and could be obtained only by taping it from the radio. The radioprogram was a hearplay done by THU20 on the Dutch Official Broadcasting Service(Radio 4) on the 4th of May 1990. A hundred postcards - which could be used as a tapecover - were sent to friends and contacts of THU20.
  • 1 Elfde Uni Part 1
  • 2 Elfde Uni Part 2
  • 3 Elfde Uni Part 3
  • 4 Elfde Uni Part 4
  • 5 Elfde Uni Part 5