VARIOUS ARTISTS - Flair 1989 - The Other World Of British Football - Volume One
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Volume One
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Confection
Catalogue No: SPICE 1
Rare double album from 1989 that comes with a free 24 page magazine 'Flair Magazine 1989',edited by Andy Lyons and John Duncan from the Independent Football magazine 'When Saturday Comes'. Features music from Fisher Athletic F.C , The Singing Nolans, Partick Thistle F.C 1972 & many others.

Some light wear to outer card slipcase.
  • A1 Come On The Fish
  • A10 We Are The Stones
  • A11 This Is Arfon Griffiths
  • A2 Blackpool
  • A3 Firhill For Thrills
  • A4 Something To Shout About
  • A5 Farewell 3rd Division
  • A6 Q.P.R. The Greatest
  • A7 The Finn Harps Song
  • A8 Never Say Die
  • A9 Sunderland Are Back In The 1st Division
  • B1 Pompey - City With A Heart
  • B10 Come On The Town
  • B11 Come On You Brentford
  • B12 I'm Following Sheffield United
  • B2 The Red Red Robin
  • B3 Follow Follow
  • B4 Here Comes The Fleet
  • B5 Albion Day
  • B6 Jimmy Hill's Sky Blues
  • B7 Song Of The Clyde
  • B8 Power To The Palace
  • B9 Come On The County
  • C1 The M.U.F.C. Club Song
  • C10 Flags Of Glory
  • C11 Rising To The Top
  • C2 Here Comes The Cherries
  • C3 Posh We Are
  • C4 Hit The Road To Wembley
  • C5 Scunthorpe United
  • C6 Chel-sea Of Blue
  • C7 Fantastico
  • C8 A.S.T.O.N.V.I.L.L.A.
  • C9 United Newcastle United
  • D1 We'll Be With You
  • D10 Here We Go
  • D11 Here We Go
  • D12 County's The Team For Me
  • D13 These Nearly Nearly Glory Glory Days
  • D14 You'll Never Walk Alone
  • D2 This Is The Season For Us
  • D3 Roll Out The Red Carpet
  • D4 You Know We're Going To Win
  • D5 Roy McFarland
  • D7 The Old Brighton Blue
  • D8 The Raith Rovers Songs
  • D9 Mansfield Magic