VARIOUS ARTISTS - Georgia Blues Guitars (1928-1933)
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Georgia Blues Guitars (1928-1933)
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: RST
Catalogue No: BD2015
Comprehensive collection of Blues Recordfing from 1928 till 1933 from Willie Baker, Seth Richard & Fred McMullen.
  • A1 Mama, Don't Rush Me Blues
  • A2 No No Blues
  • A3 Weak-Minded Blues
  • A4 Bad Luck Moan
  • A5 Ain't It A Good Thing?
  • A6 Crooked Woman Blues
  • A7 Rag Baby
  • A8 Weak-Minded Woman
  • A9 Sweet Patunia Blues
  • B1 Lonely Seth Blues
  • B2 Skoodeldum Doo
  • B3 Wait And Listen
  • B4 Rolling Mama
  • B5 Just Can't Stand It
  • B6 I'm Still Sloppy Drunk
  • B7 Man Of My Own
  • B8 Poor Stranger Blues
  • B9 DeKalb Chain Gang