VARIOUS ARTISTS - South Bronx Hip Hop Classics: B Boy Records

South Bronx Hip Hop Classics: B Boy Records
vinyl 2LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Demon Records
Catalogue No: DEMREC514
Brand new collecion of Hip-Hop gems all released on B Boy Records. The label was a significant player in the development of Hip-Hop in the 1980s, but a very short lived label shrouded in mystery. This double LP selects the best of the Independent label, from the beginning of the label to including past icons and future legends, hard-hitting drum programming, synthesize and sampled beats overlaid with fierce battle Rap swagger. This is a snapshot of Hip-Hop history. The label is best known for issuing the hugely influential Boogie Down Productions LP Criminal Minded, which is included twice on this release with ‘The Bridge Is Over’ and ‘South Bronx’. Other highlights include JVC Force’s classic ‘Strong Island’, DJ Scott La Rock (founding member of BDP) & D-Nic and all-female rap Sparky D, 5 Star Moet. The double vinyl LP packs in 16 tracks, presented on 180g heavyweight classic black vinyl with printed inner sleeves. Featuring J.V.C. Force, Boogie Down Productions, Soul Dimension, Tall, Dark & Handsome, Boogie Down Productions, K.D. Nice, DJ M.A.T.E. and the Latin MC's, D.J. Scott La Rock & D-Nice, Positive Image, Money Earnin Crew, 5 Star Moet, Busy Boys, Sparky D, 991 Volt's & Spicey Ham.