VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Changing Face Of Harlem Volume Two: An Anthology
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The Changing Face Of Harlem Volume Two: An Anthology
vinyl 2LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Savoy
Catalogue No: SJL 2224
Collection of Bop & Swing featuring musicians Lem Davis, Pete Brown, Al Hall, Charlie Harris, John Levy, John Simmons, Johnny Miller, Leonard Gaskin, Sid Weiss, Hank D'Amico, Herbie Fields, Art Herbert, Cozy Cole, Denzil Best, Eddie Nicholson, George Jones, Lee Young, Shadow Wilson, Billy Mackel, Freddie Green, Herman Mitchell, Jimmy Shirley, Oscar Moore, Bill Doggett, Dave Rivera, Jimmy Jones, Kenny Watts, Lionel Hampton, Sanford Gold, Nat Cole, Don Byas, Hal Singer, Illinois Jacquet, Jay Peters, Ray Abrams, Vic Dickenson, Courtney Williams, Dave Page, Emmett Berry, Frankie Newton, Leonard Hawkins, Neal Hefti, Stuff Smith, Pleasant Joseph & Rosalie Young.
  • A1 On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  • A2 I Like To Riff
  • A3 Hank's Pranks
  • A4 Juke Box Judy
  • A5 Sly Little Witch From Greenwich
  • A6 Gone At Dawn
  • A7 Camp Meeting
  • A8 Four O'Clock News
  • B1 Don'tcha Pay Him No Mind
  • B2 Is Is
  • B3 Two Faced Woman
  • B4 Don't Blame Me
  • B5 Jacquet In The Box
  • B6 Savoy Blip
  • B7 Illinois Goes To Chicago
  • B8 Minor Romp
  • C1 Boot Zoot
  • C2 It's Great
  • C3 Lazy Day
  • C4 Sunshine Blues
  • C5 Wedding Day Blues
  • C6 Desperate G.I. Blues
  • C7 You Got It Coming To Ya
  • C8 Boogie Woogie Hannah
  • D1 I Don't Believe
  • D2 I Never Knew
  • D3 Lovely You
  • D4 Gumpey
  • D5 Theme On The Beam
  • D6 Solace
  • D7 Chittlin' Strut
  • D8 Daily Double