VARIOUS - Rephlex Presents Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
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Rephlex Presents Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
4x10" vinyl

Condition: G / EX
Label: Rephlex
Catalogue No: CAT147LP
Limited edition vinyl release featuring an incredible compilation of themes recorded by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Featuring music by Delia Derbyshire, Richard Yeoman-Clark, David Cain, Roger Limb, Paddy Kingsland, Dick Mills, John Baker, Malcolm Clarke and Glynis Jones.

Please note: Sleeve has considerable edge wear / creasing).
  • A1 Mattachin
  • A2 Happy Birthday
  • A3 Air
  • A4 Ziwzih Ziwzih Oo-Oo-Oo
  • A5 Door To Door
  • A6 Pot Au Feu
  • A7 Time To Go
  • B1 Blue Veils And Golden Sands
  • B2 The Delian Mode
  • B3 Towards Tomorrow
  • C1 Radio Nottingham
  • C10 The Frogs Wooing
  • C11 New Worlds
  • C2 Milky Way
  • C3 The Chase
  • C4 Factors
  • C5 Sea Sports
  • C6 Time And Tune
  • C7 Festival Time
  • C8 The Missing Jewel
  • C9 Boys And Girls
  • D1 Fresh Start
  • D10 Christmas Commercial
  • D2 Reading Your Letters
  • D3 Quiz Time
  • D4 P.I.G.S.
  • D5 Brio
  • D6 Structures
  • D7 Chino
  • D8 Accentric
  • D9 Tomorrow's World
  • E1 Crossbeat
  • E2 Autumn And Winter
  • E3 Artbeat
  • E4 War Of The Worlds
  • E5 Radio Sheffield
  • E6 Waltz Antipathy
  • F1 Crazy Dazy
  • F2 Adagio
  • F3 Major Bloodnok's Stomach
  • F4 The World Of Science
  • F5 The Panel Beaters
  • F6 Kitten's Lullaby
  • F7 Geraldine
  • G1 Bath Time
  • G2 La Grande Piece De La Foire De La Rue Delaware
  • G3 Romanescan Rout
  • H1 Nenuphar
  • H2 Schlum Rooli
  • H3 Veils And Mirrors