VARIOUS - Psych Box
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Psych Box
5xCD + 7" single

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Cleopatra
Catalogue No: CLO 0045
2016 limited edition compilastion, packaged in a deluxe 7”x7” box with individual CD wallets and a full color booklet. As a special bonus, there is a limited edition 7” featuring a fiery track from Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page and, on the B side, a spoken word track by spiritual guru of the psych movement, Dr. Timothy Leary.
  • A Flashing Lights
  • B What Are Psychedelic Drugs?
  • CD1-1 Going To Hell
  • CD1-10 Sweet Rays
  • CD1-11 Tent Rentals
  • CD1-12 Something Inside Me
  • CD1-13 For A While
  • CD1-14 Lost In Space
  • CD1-15 Black Sand
  • CD1-2 Soul Kitchen
  • CD1-3 Damien
  • CD1-4 Sunbeam
  • CD1-5 You Destroy
  • CD1-6 Opa-Loka
  • CD1-7 Vision's
  • CD1-8 Great Deceiver
  • CD1-9 Meet You In The Subway
  • CD2-1 Love Was In Me
  • CD2-10 Sunflower Microphone
  • CD2-11 Il Est Juste La
  • CD2-12 Action Woman
  • CD2-13 Sweaty Windows
  • CD2-14 Forever
  • CD2-15 Red Reflection
  • CD2-16 Letter To Hermione
  • CD2-2 Wrap Around Porch
  • CD2-3 Big Bad Storm
  • CD2-4 14 Hour Technical Dream
  • CD2-5 Mirrorball
  • CD2-6 Jamies's Song
  • CD2-7 The Sun
  • CD2-8 Cut Me
  • CD2-9 In My Kitchen
  • CD3-1 All Tomorrow's Parties
  • CD3-10 Gold
  • CD3-11 Take It Or LEave It
  • CD3-12 Do You Feel It
  • CD3-13 Winter Winds
  • CD3-14 Green Carnations
  • CD3-15 Spaceman
  • CD3-2 Black Tinted Moonlight
  • CD3-3 In The Light
  • CD3-4 Smoke Your Eyes
  • CD3-5 Everything Goes Wrong
  • CD3-6 Lady Greengrass
  • CD3-7 Laid Bare
  • CD3-8 The Crystal Ship
  • CD3-9 Japanese Hill
  • CD4-1 Jupiter
  • CD4-10 Close To Odd
  • CD4-11 Under Your Tongue
  • CD4-12 Innocent Tu Seras Incandescent
  • CD4-13 Allez Penons Un Autre Verre (Let's Have Another Drink)
  • CD4-14 Devil's Grip
  • CD4-15 MacBeth
  • CD4-16 A Glass Of Tears Half Empty
  • CD4-2 It's All In My Mind
  • CD4-3 No Way Out
  • CD4-4 Occultation
  • CD4-5 Iron Hand
  • CD4-6 Zodiacal Light
  • CD4-7 The Place Where The Flat Things Are
  • CD4-8 Dark Peace
  • CD4-9 Kashmir
  • CD5-1 Possession (Original 7" Version)
  • CD5-10 Time Crypt
  • CD5-11 Ice Cream Party (Instrumental)
  • CD5-12 The Trip
  • CD5-13 South Of No North
  • CD5-14 She's My Melody
  • CD5-15 The End
  • CD5-2 Hallicination Generation
  • CD5-3 Stoned
  • CD5-4 This Is What We Want
  • CD5-5 National Strings Attached
  • CD5-6 Gewt To The Sun
  • CD5-7 Julia
  • CD5-8 The Machine On The Hill
  • CD5-9 Life Thus Far Out