VARIOUS - Trance Europe Express
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Trance Europe Express
vinyl 4LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Total
Catalogue No: TEEX LP1
Bumper compilation featuring loadsa techno & electronic trax from Black Dog, Bandulu, Spooky, Cosmic Baby, CJ Bolland, Sabres Of Paradise, Moby, Aphex Twin, the list goes on.
  • A1 Semi-Detached
  • A2 Gravity Pull
  • A3 Face The Day
  • B1 Desir (Butterfly Remix)
  • B2 Persuasion (Exclusive Remix)
  • B3 Praying Mantra (Orb Remix)
  • C1 Carceres Ex Novum
  • C2 Celestial Symphony
  • C3 Midnight In Europe
  • D1 Space Track (Remix)
  • D2 Black Hole
  • D3 Random
  • E1 Colour Of The Sun
  • E2 It's A Kind Of Magic
  • E3 Analogue Bubblebath 3
  • F1 Majestic (Millwall Mix)
  • F2 Glitch
  • F3 Move (Volume Remix)
  • G1 Washed Over By Mastemah
  • G2 Follow The Sun
  • G3 Dust
  • H1 The Mission
  • H2 Inter/Lergen/Ten/Ko
  • H3 N