ZARELLI - Soft Rains
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Soft Rains
CD promo

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Seriés Aphonos
Catalogue No: SA06
Imaginary score from Carwyn Ellis (Zarelli) done to a 1975 recording of Leonard Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury's 'There Will Come Soft Rains' (from 'The Martian Chronicles'). Card sleeve promo which is the same as the one you get with the vinyl release.

Record plays with some crackle and sleeve is quite tatty - particulalrly the spine.
  • 1 Soft Rains Theme
  • 2 Allendale California (Feat. Leonard Nimoy
  • 3 Pink Electric Eyes (Feat. Leonard Nimoy)
  • 4 Falling Light (Feat. Leonard Nimoy)
  • 5 The Dog (Feat. Leonard Nimoy)
  • 6 Electric Wind (Feat. Leonard Nimoy)
  • 7 Silent Weight (Feat. Leonard Nimoy)
  • 8 The Children's Hour (Feat. Leonard Nimoy
  • 9 Smoking, Waiting (Feat. Leonard Nimoy)
  • 10 Blaze (Feat. Leonard Nimoy)
  • 11 August 25th 2026 (Feat. Leonard Nimoy)
  • 12 Soft Rains End Theme