µ-ZIQ - Bilious Paths
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Bilious Paths
vinyl 2LP

Condition: Plain / EX
Label: Planet Mu
Catalogue No: ZIQ070
Yeah! Thats what I'm talking about. Best album from Mike Paradinas for a long time. Filled with those crazy breakbeats, and all those good ol' jungle noises you never get tired of. If you liked earlier releases from µ-Ziq such as "Brace Yourself" & "Lunatic Harness", you're gonna love this one!
  • A01 Johnny Mastricht
  • A02 Meinheld
  • A03 Siege Of Antioch
  • B04 On/Off
  • B05 Silk Ties
  • B06 Octelcogopod
  • C07 AEC Merlin
  • C08 Grape Nut Beats (Pt.1)
  • C09 Grape Nut Beats (Pt.2)
  • D10 Mouse Bums
  • D11 Fall Of Antioch
  • D12 My Mengegus