ASINHELL - Impii Hora

Impii Hora
CD album

Condition: NM / NM
Label: Metal Blade Records
Catalogue No: 3984-16058-2
Debut album from Danish musician Michael Poulsen. He is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter of the rock band VOLBEAT. For more than 20 years, vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen has been spearheading Danish rock and roll machine Volbeat, releasing eight full-lengths, selling millions of albums, and filling stadiums worldwide. Before fronting Volbeat, however, Poulsen formed death metal band Dominus, which recorded four fast, brutal albums in the mid '90s.
  • 1 Fall Of The Loyal Warrior
  • 2 Inner Sancticide
  • 3 Island Of Dead Men
  • 4 Trophies
  • 5 The Ultimate Sin
  • 6 Wolfpack Laws
  • 7 Desert Of Doom
  • 8 Pyromantic Scryer
  • 9 Impii Hora
  • 10 Føj For Helvede

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