BLIND JOE TAGGART - A Guitar Evangelist 1926 To 1931

A Guitar Evangelist 1926 To 1931
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / NM
Label: Herwin
Catalogue No: HERWIN 204
A gospel singer and guitarist. A series of recordings from Chicago, New York & Grafton. Recorded between 1926 & 1931. This artist made secular recordings under the name Blind Joe Amos and as Blind Percy and Six-Cylinder Smith.
  • A1 Keep On The Firing Line
  • A2 There's A Handwriting On The Wall
  • A3 Scandalous And A Shame
  • A4 Been Listening All Day Long
  • A5 Religion Is Something Within You
  • A6 Wonder Will My Trouble Then Be Over
  • A7 Pressin' Up That Shiny Way
  • A8 Strange Things Happening In The Land
  • A9 He Done What The World Couldn't Do
  • B1 The Half Ain't Never Been Told
  • B2 I've Crossed The Separation Line
  • B3 Lord Don't Drive Me Away
  • B4 Goin' To Rest Where Jesus Is
  • B5 Mother's Love
  • B6 Waded In The Water Trying To Get Home
  • B7 In That Pearly White City Above
  • B8 I Ain't No Sinner Now
  • B9 Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down

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